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February 24th, 2019

10 Secrets of Chinese Beauty

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No Need of Dieting, Take Tea
The Chinese guarantees for anti-aging and weight loss effects through white, green and oolong tea. We should make it habit. It’s delicious, full of healthy benefits and also keep our hands warm when it’s cold out.

Perfect Complexion
Perfect porceline skin gives a doll like flawless face by using concealer(under eyes, around the nose where needed) with sheer foundation, matte powder.  But matte powder should be milled so that it merges seamlessly into your skin. Its not likely that you put plenty of powder on your skin. It should be enough that your skin seem to be smooth and flawless.

Get Relax with Massage
A great deal about the Chinese belief in the power of reflexology. Through Massage, it doesn’t just feel great. It facilitate the skin by increasing blood flow, detoxifying, aiding in lymphatic drainage, and speeding the healing process in all systems of the body

Go Nutty
Camellia nut oil is used in the Asian continent for enhancing hair growth on the scalp and also work as conditioning oil for the face. It found everywhere. It has numerous nourishing and softening benefits and can help with everything from minimizing stretch marks to treating burns.

Say No to Two-inOne Products
Chinese women make habit for their beauty routine and consider each step valuable as part of the process. While we may think that a foot cream that doubles as a body lotion is magnificent, they’d never think it over there.

Beauty Base On Nature

Chinese women give emphasis to routines beauty based upon natural products, often with main ingredients such as ginseng and green tea. They find natural components to be safer and better than those found in labs.  

Smooth Your Skin Tone
Chinese women value smooth complexions, and skin-tone evening products are very popular. You can try this on your own with a great highlighter. Try a light pink or even an alabaster white. It really makes big difference to the face.

The Hues of Plum
While skin is perfect and porcelain, color is huge in China. It is suggested plum hues with red, brown and mauve undertones that speak volumes on the lips.

Ideal Liner
Chinese women seem to always have perfectly applied liquid eyeliner. Try leaning your arm against something solid when you apply, so that you get support and avoid unnecessary ‘wobble’ make sure that the line is thinner towards the inner corner of your eyes and thicker at the outer, as you get to the outer corner flick line upwards and outward. Another feature we sometimes forget about  is the eyebrows — a perfect arched brow can make all the difference to the face.

Fake Lashes
Lash extensions are natural part of Chinese culture. These not only enhance the beauty of eyes but also give you a hot look. So, go wild with fake lashes or eye lash extensions and give yourself a new look.


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