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Dark Circles Remedies

Dark circles, one of the common skin problems. Dark circles make a person look older than his/her age. If you are among those, who think that dark circles are a big hurdle in their beauty, then stop worrying. Here are remedies ...
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kohl or kajal smudging

How To Prevent Kohl/Kajal From Smudging

Most of the time, it tends to smudge and spread all around the eye, especially around outer corner and leave dark circles behind. To overcome this problem, here are some tips....
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Hair Updo Ideas (8)

Hair Updo Ideas

Mag4style has some hair updo ideas for you. This summer wear your hair up to beat the heat and give yourself a new look.  
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eye makeup tips

Eye Makeup Application

Most of the women do not know even the basics of eye makeup application. Makeup can not only enhance the beauty of your eyes but it also gives you a new look. It’s necessary to apply makeup tactfully to look stunning. Eyes pl...
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blue eye makeup (15)

Eyes In Blue

No doubt, eyes are the most important feature of your face to catch attention. Use eye makeup tactfully to enhance the beauty of your eyes. When it comes to eye makeup, always try to play with colors. Try new eye makeup ideas a...
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