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March 21st, 2019

30 Minutes Workout

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In this hectic and busy life nobody has time to visit gym for workout, But now you can do an effective workout at your own place in only 30 minutes.

The key of a perfect workout is higher intensity in short time limit.  Most of the people spend 50-60 minutes in gyms and think that they will reduce quickly and will get a perfect shape, but the reality is opposite to this. It is observed that after 30 minutes the benefits of workout are not very great.

For perfect workout protein intake should be proper because it helps in rebuilding of body muscles. Always drink water an hour before workout because it takes couple of hours for body to absorb water. You may also have a mango or banana shake after workout. It will provide you carbohydrates.

Change your perfect workout schedule after every few weeks, so that you won’t get bored. For strength training start with lighter weights so you can work on your form. Safe your time with these tips and enjoy!


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