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July 16th, 2019

7 Style Rules You Should Break

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No To Mixing Patterns Or Clashing Colors:

How to break it:

somewhere between good girl boring and worrisome wacky is the fun zone. why not combine two or three unusual choices like a lilac and taupe checked sweater with a chartreuse skirt. in general, keep colors within the same tonal family and don’t mix patterns that have more than two colors.

Emphasize One At A Time, Eyes Or lips:

How to break it:

Pair dark eyes with dark lips..just stay in the same family color. try deep plums and eggplants on eyes with black liner and a sheer dark red or plum on lips. yes its all about the 80′s.

No Bangs On Round Faces:

How To Break It:

we are pushing the little Dutch Boy look. but the right cut will soften the bluntness. Have your bangs trimmed in a subtle arc so the sides are longer and more fringey. It’s help bring out your bone structure.

Always Enhance Your Natural Lip Color:

How To Break It:

Bring on the beige. This season, models hit the runways with super pale nude lips. Layer concealer and lip balm to achieve a hue thats the same color or slightly lighter than your skin tone. And pair with glowy skin or dark eye makeup to avoid looking washed out.

Light Scents For Day, Headier Scents At Night:

How To Break It:

Spray on a scent with traditionally masculine elements like the leather and incense found in Aedes de Venustas; wear something heady and dramatic like Fracas in the daytime; pair an unexpectedly simple floral with an over the top outfit.

Glittery Jewelry Is Meant For The Evening:

How To Break It:

Don’t treat your fancy stuff like a vampire; like it shine in the day light! To make it work, keep the rest of your outfit subdued and sophisticated..understand, clean lines will let your attention..grabbing jewelry rightly hog the focus.

Wear Open Toe Shoes Only In The Summer:

How To Break It:

Open toe shoes are going to be huge for fall, and look great with attire. Stick with these pair that don’t expose too much of the foot…they will also keep feet from sliding around. And we are in autumn color like burgundy or dark mustard or classic black.


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