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skin-firming-mask-easy Beauty

Skin Tightening Mask

Say no to chemical beauty products  and try this simple home made natural skin tightening mask and feel the difference in days. Make your self 10 years younger with this easy mask recipe. Egg white has miracle firming effects. Use 1 egg white with peach pulp to tighten your skin pores. Blend egg white and [...]

cheap_homemade_beauty_1_thumb Beauty Tips

Homemade Skin Bleacher

Try this organic skin bleacher recipe to get rid of dark spots. Things you need to make this magical bleacher are: 1/2 squeezed lemon 1/2 cup mint water Mix both the ingredients and use a cotton pad to apply the lotion on your elbows, knees or any other area where you have dark spots and [...]

Fix beauty issues Beauty Tips

How To Fix Beauty Issues Quickly

Call for a party! Worried with unwanted beauty issues like pimple or dark circles and wishing for a magic wand to get flawless, radiant look. Don’t worry! Here are some quick and easy fixes to solve such emergency beauty issues. Some of the most common beauty issues are Pimples: Just woke up with pimple on [...]

6497-000167 Beauty Tips

Dark Circles Remedies

Dark circles, one of the common skin problems. Dark circles make a person look older than his/her age. If you are among those, who think that dark circles are a big hurdle in their beauty, then stop worrying. Here are remedies to get rid of this hurdle and to achieve beautiful flawless skin. Causes Of [...]

kohl or kajal smudging Beauty Tips

How To Prevent Kohl/Kajal From Smudging

Most of the time, it tends to smudge and spread all around the eye, especially around outer corner and leave dark circles behind. To overcome this problem, here are some tips….

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Wedding Day Tips For Bride

When you are going for hair style, don’t forget to wear a shirt which can be easily unbuttoned when you got your hair style. It is noticed that many brides wear a t-shirt before having hair style and when need to wear-off the...
by admin


Know Your Body Shape!

Fashionable dresses are not only for zero size figures. What ever your size is , you can wear latest fashionable dresses. Just simply analyze your body shape and dress according to your shape. Apple Shape: Apple shaped bodies h...
by admin


Honey Mask!

Honey is known all over the world for its benefits. Its not only good for your health but also has many beauty secrets in it. If you want an instant natural glow on your face, apply pure natural honey on face and leave it for 1...
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small eyemakeup02

Small Eyes Makeup Tips!

Eyes play an important role in the beauty of any women. Bigger eyes are a gift of God. But if you have smaller eyes then don’t get worried. Here are some eyes makeup tips by which you can make your eyes look bigger and wide o...
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