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March 21st, 2019

Are You Sleeping Less?

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Are you sleeping less?

It is dangerous

Have your social responsibilities dried up your hours of sleep? Sleep deprivation can cause so many irregularities that soon you may not help yourself to carry out your activities. It must be remembered that getting the right amount of sleep that body needs can have many positive effects on overall well being.

Sleep deprivation not only makes an individual feel tired throughout the day but can also have dangerous effects on physical and mental health. Modern research is strongly relating sleep-deprived lifestyles and a long list of problems which is not limited:

•   Rapid aging

•   Increased susceptibility to colds, flu, and other infections

•   Hand tremors, headaches, increased blood pressure

•   Psychosis and bipolar disorder

•   Increased risk of accidents

•   Emotional Imbalances (depression and anxiety)

•   Irritation and temper losses

•   Memory losses

•   Decreased ability to deal stress

•   Obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer

•   Poor judgment

•   Poor concentration, inability to make decisions

•   Weak digestive system

•   Hernias

Scientific studies prove that people who get less than six hours sleep per night have an increased risk of dying prematurely. The list of industrial accidents caused, at least in part, by sleepy workers in key positions. A sleep of 6-8 hours allows both the body and the brain to rest and heal. Without enough sleep the brain loses power and an individual will have problems with memory and concentration. Every year, thousands of sleep-deprived people are involved in automobile and industrial accidents, and their sleepiness is frequently cited as a contributing factor in the accidents.

Few linkages between sleep deprivation and abnormalities caused are being scientifically established in the lines below:

Weight Gain: Sleep deprivation causes having an abnormal increase in hormone Gherlin. This hormone increases the appetite and makes us feel hungry. Less sleeping can also cause low levels of hormone leptin. This hormone allows an individual to feel satisfied and without it one will feel hungry. Food choices are also diverted towards high carbohydrates- high sugar foods when one doesn’t get enough time to sleep. If you relate increased appetite, decreased feeling of fullness and increased demand of high carb-high sugar foods, cause of obesity can be easily understood.

Heat Attack:  Heart rate and blood pressure are both at their lowest while sleeping. This reduced blood pressure and heart rate time is important for reducing body’s overall stress levels. Sleeping for longer hours reduces chances of suffering heart attacks while reverse of which can increase the sae chances.

Reduced Immunity and growth:  Research has shown that sleep deprived people produce less than half the antibodies of those getting a full night’s sleep. These antibodies are body’s defence against disease and promote effective immune system function. Lack of production of antibodies for sleep-deprived people, make them prone to an increased rate of headaches and intestinal disorders.  Growth hormones are also produced more while we rest and keep us looking young and healthy by increasing muscle mass and making the skin look fresh.

Insomnia: Insomnia is a depressing reality. This condition causes an increased production of stress hormones which puts body in a hyper state and leads to even less sleep. This vicious cycle can cause an instant falling to hands of depression.

Impairment of ability: As a result of continuous muscular activity without proper rest time, effects such as cramping are much more frequent in sleep-deprived individuals. This may result in muscle fascia tears, and other such problems commonly associated with physical overexertion.

Less hours of sleep can also cause micro-sleeps.  Micro-sleeps occur when a person has a significant sleep deprivation. The brain automatically shuts down, falling into a sleep state for a period that can last 10 to 60 seconds. The person mentally falls asleep no matter what activity he or she is engaged in.

As it is not always possible to get a full eight hours of sleep every night, individuals who are experiencing far less than this and experience physical and mental fatigue during the day should consult a doctor. A physician can to identify why problems with sleep are occurring and let sleep-deprived-patient’s know what treatment must be given. Getting enough sleep at night is essential to the functioning of a human being and not getting enough sleep has the potential of leading to a myriad of physical and mental problems. So for better overall health make getting at least eight hours of sleep must be one’s priority.


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