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April 23rd, 2019

Bags Under Eyes

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Like dark eye circles, bags under eyes can be the one , you want to get rid of. Bags under your eyes can be due to lack of sleep and hectic life but their may be some other causes. These may be due to food or cosmetics allergy, water retention, smoking or vitamin k deficiency.

If you have bags under your eyes due to allergy, then take medication and try to be away from allergen if possible. Water deficiency may also be the cause of bags under eyes. Increase water intake to treat this cause. Try to quit smoking as may cause bags under eyes. Take vitamin k supplements to overcome its deficiency. All these are not the overnight processes to get rid of eye bags but for temporary, you can hide them by makeup. Use concealer that matches your skin tone to hide the eye bags.

Eat healthy, sleep well and say good bye to stress to get rid of bags under your eyes.


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