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April 22nd, 2019

Body Tattoos…Style or Emotion….

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Body tattoos have been used since centuries to beautify or to scare. In fact, it has been seen in a variety of different mummies that are over 4000 years old. More interesting than that is the fact that there were also tattoos found on an Iceman that was frozen in the Alps for some 5000 years. The word “tattoos” come from Polynesian term called “tatau” means ‘to mark something’. Tatoos cause emotions that range from hatred and disgust to admiration and desire.

Tattoos are permanent so if you are serious about getting a tattoo, make sure that design of tattoo is something that you can carry for next forty years.

Some get tattoos simply as a form of self expression and the rebellion of society. We get them to show off who we are and what we stand for. We get them to show the world that we are who we are no mater what they think or what they expect from us.

We get our ink to show our affiliations and connections. This doesn’t have to be gang related or anything of the sort. For some it is the affiliation to the Marines or something we are very proud to be apart of, others it is simply a sign of their family and who they belong to and love.
Some of us get tattoos simply because it is something we want to do and something we want to endure. Whatever tattoos is, it can be beautiful, lifelong pieces of work you will be forever proud of if you get it for the right reasons.


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