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Hair Care!

For woman or man importance of hair is not less. Secret of Hair and skin beauty lies in balanced, healthy diet and adequate rest. Protect your hair from hazardous effects of environment. Hair specialists recommend that: - Avoid...
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Green tea and chocolate mask

Green tea and chocolate, both are good sources of anti-oxidants and when both combine together, do wonders on our skin. Make a mask by using green tea and chocolate and feel the difference in your skin.
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How to apply Flawless Base

A beautiful makeover starts with the right base/foundation. Unless you are blessed with naturally flawless skin, you must wear a base that will allow you to create the illusion of having flawless skin. Your base must fit like a...
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Eye makeup ideas springsummer 2011 (8)

Eye Makeup Ideas Spring/Summer 2011

Give yourself a seductive touch by our eye makeup ideas for spring/summer 2011. Try these eye makeup ideas and become gorgeous.
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