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Dark Circles Remedies

Dark circles, one of the common skin problems. Dark circles make a person look older than his/her age. If you are among those, who think that dark circles are a big hurdle in their beauty, then stop worrying. Here are remedies ...
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natural makeup

Makeup and Beauty Trends for Winter 2010-2011

Makeup is that thing which let women to be different with their looks. Makeup has been twisted to bring out the facial features while hiding flaws of a person. Makeup trends change with the passage of time to go with new fashio...
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eye care

Eye Care In 20′s

Eyes are the windows to your soul. So, if you are searching for a soul partner, take care of your eyes. Here are some expert tips and makeup tricks to have shiny radiant eyes throughout your age...
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colored lens

Choose Right Colored Contact Lens…

Contact lenses also called “contacts” may not only be used for eye sight but one can also change himself dramatically by wearing colored contacts. How do you choose the right colored lens is the most difficult question for ...
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Applying concealer under eyes.

How to Apply Concealer

Concealer is one of the most essential beauty cosmetics for all women.. It’s such an important cosmetic, that you can even skip foundation and simply use concealer to even out skin tone, hide blemishes or acne or cover up dar...
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