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soap scraps

Tips To Use Soap Scraps

Bars of soap always look so attractive when they're new – pleasantly scented fat ovals or rectangles (or other shapes!) just begging to be turned into lather....
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child safety

Teach Your Kid About Safety And Emergency

Have you begun talking to your kids about how to handle an emergency? While kids can’t be expected to respond to a crisis in an adult way, there are basic tasks they can do that could turn out to be life-saving........
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Teenage Sex Knowledge

How to and when to give sex knowledge to kids is an issue that worries many parents. No doubt parents are the safest medium from where teenagers can get right sex education....
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Be A Perfect Parent!

Being a parent is one of the life’s greatest experiences. From the very first day of pregnancy, your life starts to change. And you promise to yourself to be an ideal parent but the things change with time. Your challenge of ...
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