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June 26th, 2019

Dark Circles Remedies


Dark circles, one of the common skin problems. Dark circles make a person look older than his/her age. If you are among those, who think that dark circles are a big hurdle in their beauty, then stop worrying. Here are remedies to get rid of this hurdle and to achieve beautiful flawless skin.

Causes Of Dark Circles:

First know the cause of dark circles under your eyes. You may have this problem due to

  • Lack of sleep
  • Fluid retention under eyes
  • Aging
  • Inherited problems
  • Stress
  • Improper diet or crash dieting

Dark Circles Remedies:

Try these homemade easy dark circle remedies to get rid of them.

1.       Take proper and tension free sleep for at least 8 hours to get rid of them.

2.       Include fruits and fresh vegetables in your diet to say goodbye to dark circles. Iron deficiency in body also leads to dark circles under eyes.

3.       Drink plenty of water for healthier skin.

4.       Potato juice is one of the best and mostly used home remedies for dark circles. Soak cotton balls in potato juice and keep them on eyes for about 15-20 min daily. Continue this until you get the results.

5.       Put cucumber slices on eyes to relax them. You can also apply its juice with the help of cotton balls to reduce dark circles.

6.       Another useful home dark circles remedy, is to use tea water. Boil tea in water and strain it. Now freeze this water to make ice cubes. Keep these ice cubes on eyes in a cotton cloth for 15 min.

7.       Another effective home remedy is to use almond paste. Grind almonds; add few drops of rose water, ¼ tsp yogurt and a pinch of turmeric powder to make a paste. Use this paste daily under eyes and let it dry, then wash it off with lukewarm water. Use it daily to get quick results.

8.       Always wear sunglasses when go out in sun.

9.       Concealer is a quick makeup remedy to hide dark circles. Use a branded concealer under your eyes to hide dark circles.

Always be careful while putting anything around eyes because the skin around the eyes is very sensitive and if something enters into the eyes it can harm them.






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