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June 26th, 2019

Do whitening facial at home

Most of the people have uneven tone and pigmentation on face. Care routine for such kind of skin can be a bit tricky. People with such skin need not to worry any more. Now you can do facial treatments at your home.

Raw milk and wheat flour are the best whitening and facial skin care ingredients. Things you need for whitening facial are:

-Raw milk

-Wheat flour





First cleanse your face well with raw milk than make a mixture of flowing consistency of sugar, wheat flour and milk. Put it in the refrigerator for fifteen minutes and then apply on face, wait until it dries. Wash your face with lukewarm water. Wheat and milk have bleaching effect and give instant glow to your skin.

Now make a mixture of orange and tomato pulp, apply on the face and massage with slow movements for twenty minutes. When it dries use curd to moisten it. For exfoliation use sugar crystals on nose and cheeks. Let the paste of tomatoes and orange dry. Wash with water and wipe your face dry. Use rose water on face and leave. Use this facial twice a month to even out your skin tone and whitening effect. Now you don’t need to go to salon, do whitening facial at home.


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Easy Facial At Home

Homemade Facials have lot of advantages. Its time consuming & it saves lots of money. The masks and scrubs for facial can be made at home by natural food ingredients....
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