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February 24th, 2019

Evaluate The Cervical Mucus And Get Pregnant

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It’s very easy for some women to get pregnant. They are blessed with a fertile reproductive system and can conceive whenever they want. Conceiving next child is as easy for them as growing rice on fertile land.

But for some it is never be that easy. They need to monitor the changes in their reproductive system and have monthly checkup of their cervix to conceive a baby. Changes in one’s reproductive system tell the chances of conceiving. Changes in cervical mucus consistency and basal body’s temperature show the chances of conception.

Cervical mucus comes before ovulation and indicates the fertility of cervix. If cervix is fertile; it means the chances of conception are high. This is the best time to conceive. Cervical mucus ovulation time is also called “that time of the month”, when husband and wife should come closer to conceive. It’s a wonderful time and couples who want to get pregnant should make the most of it.

All types of cervical mucus come out of females vaginas at various times of the month, how does one know if it’s cervical mucus ovulation? Well, this isn’t easy but with time and lots of practice, women are going to be able to differentiate ordinary cervical mucus from the more important cervical mucus ovulation.

Here is an efficient way to check cervical mucus:

First woman, who wants to evaluate her cervical mucus, get inside the bathroom. Wash her hands and pat them to dry. Then find a comfortable position that will permit her to reach down her vagina using finger. Toilet seat can be used for this purpose.

After getting her preferred position, she is now to insert either her middle or index finger inside her vagina up to a point close to cervix to get a sample of cervical mucus. Once one recognizes that she has gotten enough cervical mucus samples, she should now remove her finger from her vagina and verify the consistency of the sample taken.

  • If it is scant or sticky, then she is about to ovulate.
  • If it’s creamy, ovulation is just around the corner.
  • If it gets wet and watery then it means that ovulation is occurring soon.

If mucus is very wet and has a resemblance to raw egg white, ovulation is happening very soon and it’s the best time to be in bed with your spouse because chances are there to get pregnant. Best of Luck!


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