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July 16th, 2019

Eye Makeup For 2011

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eye makeup trends2011

This year update your makeup collection with new shades of eyeshadows, lip colors and nail polish to capture the 2011 trend. Use lash plumping mascara to add some drama to your style. Here are some makeup trends for 2011.

Dramatic Pastels For Eyes
This season use pastel blues, greens and pinks with silver and gold metallics for the eyes. It’s the season to try your hand at a futuristic look by pairing up brighter colors against a neutral eyeshadow base. Dress it up with some glittery eyeshadow for a fashion forward look this season.

Thick Brows
Frame your upper face and eyes with super-thick brows, a dramatic change from the finer, over-tweezed brows of seasons past. Thick brows can be achieved with a light dusting of brow powder and setting gel, so make sure you sculpt and tweeze only a few hairs to achieve the look.

Shimmering Gold
Add a touch of gold to the eyelids and lower brow can turn your basic look into one with a glamorous edge. Gold-based eyeshadow is a great way to brighten up brown and hazel-colored eyes, but can also warm up other eye colors and different skin tones.

Crisp and Chic Eyeliner
Unless you’re trying to create the smoky eye look this season, aim for super-thin lines when applying eyeliner. Asian-inspired eyeliner is one of the top beauty trends for the season, and you can create that Geisha look with a Kajal pencil, dark brown or navy liner.


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