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February 24th, 2019

Face Cleansing

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In your daily skin care routine, face Cleansing has the vital importance. Cleansing the face 2-3 times a day is satisfactory for normal skin. If your skin is oily then cleansing 4-5 times a day is necessary.

For dry skin it is recommended to avoid frequent washing with soap and you should use an oil-based cosmetic cleanser. It can be in the form of creams, milks, lotions, gels and liquids. All types cleanser are mixture of oil, wax and water which is formulated according to different skin types. Fresh milk is also best available useful cleanser.

The best method to apply cleansers/creams on your face is in an upward and outward movement. During cleansing, it should also be care that the skin not be stretched, dragged/pulled. Then leave the cleanser on face for 2-3 minutes so as to release the dirt and make up. After that remove it using a cotton wool or with a tissue paper as the way you apply the cleanser. Now rinse through with water.


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