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April 22nd, 2019

Hair Dye In Pregnancy

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Studies and tests have been done over the years about hair dye in pregnancy. Some of the studies have shown that some chemical components of hair dye can cause birth defects.

For this animals were exposed to large dosages of these chemical components, dosage far beyond the amount that is given to a woman who dyes her hair. Though the amount of chemicals in hair dye (permanent or not) does not present a risk of toxicity, but no one can say for sure if these light exposures are risky or not for your baby.

Experts recommend vegetable dye paint instead of synthetic during pregnancy. Women can use Henna as a dye during pregnancy, though not everyone appreciate the possible shades of colors it offers.

Another possible alternative for always looking nice and shiny is tinting or coloring. Chemical agents are absorbed into the body through the scalp, not hair. So any process that reduces contact with your scalp, significantly reduces the risk of exposure to chemical components of paint that are suspected by the appearance of certain factions of birth.

So if you just cannot resist to make a change with your hair you can try these variations during pregnancy or color tint as the strands in cooler areas to reduce the risk of exposure to these chemicals.


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