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February 24th, 2019

Increase Breast Size Naturally

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Breast is an essential part of female anatomy. Women of all ages want to have big and firm breasts to make themselves more impressive. There are many different ways to increase breast size naturally. You need not to spend a lot on surgery or breast augmentation to increase breast size. Yes, it is possible to increase breast size naturally without any surgery. This article is for those women who want to increase breast size without spending much money and any side effects.

To increase breast size, this is important to know breast anatomy first. Female breasts contain only fatty tissue, lactating ducts and skin. And the volume of these tissues and pectoral muscles determine the breast size. Breast size changes with age and pregnancy, also the weight gain or loss affects the breast size.

Menstrual cycle also affects breast size, especially the premenstrual water retention. Increased breast size can also be noticed by the use of oral contraceptive pills. Here are ways to increase breast size naturally.

Breast Massage:

Breast massage in an effective way to not only increase the breast size but it also improves breast shape. There are variety of breast massage creams available in the market. Choose the creams made of natural herbs like fenugreek, dong quai, fennel seed, Mexican wild yam and pueraria. These herbs have been used since centuries to increase breast size naturally without any side effects. These increase the astrogen level in the body that cause the development of new breast tissues.

Breast massage can also be done without using breast creams, just use warm hands and massage in upward motion to increase breast size.

Natural Breast Enlargement Oral Pills:

Like creams these pills are also made of natural herbs and can be use without side effects to increase breast size naturally.

Exercises To Increase Breast Size:

Breast exercises are also a natural way to increase breast size. Here are some exercises:

  • Press your palms together in front of your chest, hold it for a few seconds before releasing and then repeating the hold again. After which, grab each of your opposite forearms and pull outwards and holding before repeating for 10 to 15 times.
  • Standing two feet from the wall, push your body towards the wall with your hands pressing against the wall. Release back to the starting position. Make sure you push to the point where you can feel your chest muscles working. Do 3 sets of 12 repetitions, holding for 12 seconds on the final pushup.

Exercise is a no cost time taking way to increase breast size. You have to be very patient to get the results. Also the increase in cup size varies from person to person.


Add herbs that stimulate estrogen level, in your diet to increase breast size naturally. Start with small dose to ensure that you don’t have allergy with them.

Breast Pump:

Breast vacuum cup can also use to stimulate the increase in breast size. These are used to wear 10 hours daily for few months to get the results.

Natural ways to increase breast size are time taking and one has to be very patient to see the results. Also the results depend on your body, some notice increase in breast size in just two months while other take four to eight months.


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