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April 22nd, 2019

Infections Due To Eye Cosmetics

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Since long, women have used cosmetics to boost the beauty of their eyes. Most women who use eye makeup never face a problem related to makeup use. However, some can develop an allergic reaction, infection or injury of the eye or eyelids. These problems can range from minor problem, such as tearing, redness of eyes, to visual loss or even blindness.

Contact lens users and women with sensitive skin are more likely to face problems with eye makeup.

The most serious problem related to eye cosmetics involves injury to the cornea (the clear front surface of the eye), often during application of the cosmetic. A mascara or eyeliner can scratch the cornea (corneal abrasion). Occasionally a corneal abrasion can become infected leading to a potentially blinding corneal ulcer. Corneal injuries are usually painful and always require immediate medical attention.

All eye cosmetics have preservatives that slow down the bacteria growth in the makeup. However, if certain safety measures are not adopted, bacteria from the skin can still grow in the cosmetic after use. Some women develop the infection of the outer part of the eyeball due to contagion of their eye cosmetic or makeup applicator.

Although preservatives in cosmetics provide protection against infection, they can cause irritation in eye and skin. Also, some people may be allergic to ingredients like Rosin, nickel and lanolin. They may get tearing, itching and redness of the eyes, or swelling and flaking of the eyelids. However, Pencil eyeliner and powder eye shadow may cause less irritation as compared to liquid liner and liquid shadow.

Always apply eyeliner outside the lash line (away from the eye) to avoid direct contact with the eye. Keep eyeliner pencils sharpened so that the rough wood won’t scratch the eye.

Change makeup products in every six months to prevent excess contamination with skin bacteria. Try to use fresh cosmetics and if u get any infection contact to your doctor immediately.


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