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April 22nd, 2019

Largest Age For Marriage In Women

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“Height is not distance and age is not a problem.” All men will cheat girls who have been confused like this.

Confucius’ father is 72 and mother 18, the age difference of his parents’ age is the same as the age 82 and 28, thus creating a generation of saint, influencing China for more 2000 years.

Is it better if man older and woman younger?

Actually it is not true. The age difference should be controlled in a reasonable ranger, if the difference is too big, you will call some one younger than you as father, which will also cause some dissonance in life. Maybe you will enjoy happiness for a short time, soon just remember all this with pedestal.

It is just like to put an old bed into a new house, install a bathroom of more than millions into a second-hand house, platinum chain with a glass pendant, diamond pendant with iron chain, which will appear strange.

It is normal for the difference of ages between men and women, usually men older and women younger.

As for any beautiful girl, she can marry with a man who is 14 years older than her with no worries.

There is some difference between the developmental cycle of men and women. When we are in primary school or junior school, the girls at the same age are usually more mature, while after working, you will find all the girls are shorter than you When at 50s, in order to catch the tail of youth, men will dissolute everywhere and find that women have experienced the time of menopause.

In real life, many girls find their boyfriends randomly, when there is nothing for them to support marriage, they will be in divorce. If only we can know the developmental cycle of men and women, and set a suitable range for age difference, then we can take precautions before it is too late and ensure the harmony of marriage.

Correctly speaking, if you want to make sure the physical condition of men and women, the ages of men should be 1.2857 times than that of men. That’s if a woman is 20 years old, it is suitable for her to find a boyfriend at the age of 25, the same as women at 30 and men at 38, women at 40 and men at 51, women at 49 and men at 63.

If you want to find a suitable boyfriend when you two are young, then a girl can choose a boyfriend who is around 5 years older. When you are at 49, then you can find a man at 63 who is 14 years older than her. Of course you can solve all the problems at once, to find a man who is 14 years older than you, then you will become more and more suitable.

I will explain this with a theory. The period is 7 years for women while the period is 9 years for men.

7 is a very strange number. According to modern natural science, any physical and chemical changes usually ends with the number 6, 7 representing ends. Thus Chinese people have concluded protean strategies into sixes’ six, that’s 36 plans.

The period of women is 7, namely after the third period, after the year of 21, women will be in decline, they will never grow up or cultivate, becoming old gradually.

At the forth period, from the age of 21to 28, it can be regarded as a time of transition. At the time of top haft, they will still keep the inertia force of cultivating, then in decline at the rest time. Their appearance and body will become worse and worse after the age of 21.

Women will be at the end time of cultivating when they are at 49, while men are at 69. So it is suitable for them to match. Certainly this is just a value in theory. The most important thing for you to stay together is that you should have love, which is the only power for your company with each other. Wish you happy everyday!


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