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July 16th, 2019

Makeup and Beauty Trends for Winter 2010-2011

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Makeup is that thing which let women to be different with their looks. Makeup has been twisted to bring out the facial features while hiding flaws of a person. Makeup trends change with the passage of time to go with new fashion trends. This winter, there is diversity of makeup ideas to choose from. Here bright news is that, makeup trends for winter 2010-2011 season are colorful, as compared to last-year’s winter makeup. This winter, makeup is all about creating a look of a fragile and delightful woman. Ideal makeup demands to suit new trends, facial features, fashion statement, personality, age as well as occasion as. So these are variety of details that need to be considered to look flawless. In world, no one is ideal but makeup can assists you for a very natural look to very colorful looks as. Makeup can be a female best friend chosen when applied in perfect manner. So try at your level best to decide which type of makeup, colors to use and how to apply it to suit best. The new winter makeup trends are fashioned to boost natural beauty with both cool and warm toned makeup. Encourage yourself to choose from one of the following makeup styles to look fabulous, hot and sexy.

Vibrant Colored Lips This season a makeup style that adopt to stand out for vibrant and sexy look is colored lips makeup. The most seductive, sensual and gorgeous part of women’s body are lips, so enhancing them facilitate to place accent on their sensuality. Lots of options in lip colors are available from Peach lips to minimal makeup to light purple. Fire red and Burgundy red are some of the most popular lip colors for season. Dark purple lips for those who can carry them off. Find shades that counterpart your personality and skin tone. A flawless complexion and a minimal eye makeup are crucial to success for this type of makeup. Cover imperfections of skin using concealer and skin tone matching matte foundation. Apply black eyeliner lightly and coat of black colored mascara to curl your eyelashes. This look is perfect and sensual for evening outings but during day this type of makeup seems to be heavy.

Smokey Eye Makeup Smokey eyes look amazing and stunning, also suits different formal occasions as it attracts a generous amount of attention towards eyes. There are wide ranges of colors  which can be applied to make a smoky eye makeup, but most trendy eye shadow colors used are black and gray. This sort of combination goes well with all skin tones and eye colors so everyone may choose this type of makeup. But remember that this type of makeup is suitable for evening parties. You also may go for red lips with smoky eyes, but this combination is only meant for very special occasions. Choose it if you want to be admired for your beauty.

Natural Looking Makeup Naturalness is highly admired this year. This style of makeup suits all sort of formal and casual occasions. Natural looking makeup uses least amount of makeup to inspire your natural beauty which starts with a flawless skin. Use a concealer and skin tone foundation to get ideal skin look and colour your eyelashes using brown/black colored mascara depending on your hair color for a more natural look. Seduce your lips using a clear or lip colored lip gloss or lipstick. So this way, they’ll look natural yet sensual. Also add a touch of color to your complexion, apply a blush to your cheeks in a rosy, peachy or brown shadow, but try to keep least amount. This gives you more natural and elegant look. One thing keep in mind to emphasize either your eyes or lips nor both at the same time, as it looks messy. Key point is to keep in mind for successful applying of winter makeup is dryness and harshness of weather and wearing traditionally darker clothes than summers. You should stay away from light foundations and summery eye colors. This season bring out beauty products like protective foundations, matte eye shadows like gray and brown and oil based moisturizers.  At night, it’s necessary to use a pure moisturizer with vitamins and other skin refreshing ingredients. So, get trendy with this makeup.


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