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July 16th, 2019

Makeup Flaws

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makeup flaws

A lot of women tend to wear a dark matte lipstick with an obvious liner in hopes that it makes their lips look bigger. Really it makes their lips look smaller and less plump. Dark lipstick with a harsh lip line ages you and makes your lips look thin. Line your lips with a color that matches your natural lip tone and then fill in with a light lip gloss. Lips will look fuller, youthful and more natural.

Too many women still believe that blush goes in the hallow of the cheeks. Not true! Color goes on the apples of the cheeks. To find the apples of the cheeks, smile and say, “Hello, Gorgeous!” The fleshiest part is the apple! In a circular motion, apply the gel or cream blush with a brush. It’s important to use the right tool to achieve even coverage and appearance. Before you buy a blush, test the color on your hand to see how it looks with your skin tone.

Women tend to think smokey eyes should be dark, with lots of eyeliner and mascara. Achieving the perfect smokey eyes doesn’t mean you have to look like you have two black holes in a bed sheet. It means there are no harsh lines and that everything is very blended and beautiful. It’s very modern to do a smokey eye in pretty soft colors, especially for summer. Mix the eyeliner completely and use a deeper shade of the color shadow all around the lash line. Also, lighten up that tarantula mascara — go for a feathery, fluffy lash look.


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