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May 21st, 2019

Men’s Skin Care

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men's skin care

Skin care for men is as important as for women, but often they aren’t associated with skin care issues. Like women, men also have to take care of their skin to enhance their beauty and look young.

Men’s skin also lose elasticity with age. Pollution, sun exposure and unbalanced diet causes wrinkles, dryness and fine lines. Like women, there are many skin care products available in the market for men. But due to their busy routine and lack of time, men don’t give much time to their skin. Here are some useful tips for men’s skin care.

Use herbal soaps to wash your face. Harsh chemicals can damage your skin. Use good quality cleanser twice a week to clean your skin deeply. Keep your skin moisturized to prevent dryness. Also exfoliate your skin regularly with mild exfoliating agent to get rid of rough and hard skin.

Use sunscreen lotion with minimum SPF 15 to keep your skin protected from harmful effects of sun rays. Take healthy balanced diet with essential vitamins and minerals. Add fruits and vegetables in your diet. Drink water to keep your skin hydrated.


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