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February 24th, 2019

Sparkling Eyes With Mascara

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Sparkling, beautiful eyes are the best assets a woman can have. To enhance this beautiful feature use eye makeup, liners and mascara.

The simplest and the most dramatic way to enhance your beauty is to play up your eyes with make up. Mascara used to make the outline of eyes sharper and attractive. Mascara comes in three forms, liquid, cake and cream. Also there are waterproof and regular ones. Remove waterproof mascara carefully in order to minimize eyelash breakage. Mascara should be used on all corners of eyelashes. You can apply it closely on the base of your eyelashes and work out to the tips. The mascara wands are made of plastic and used for curly lashes also.

Black mascara is perfect for elegant look and works well on anyone. For natural look curl your eyelashes first than use clear mascara with black one.  It will make your eyes look bigger. Change your mascara after every three to four months because it can easily infected by bacteria.

Try not to stick to your favorite mascara but keep on experimenting with new products from time to time. Use regular ones on your eyelashes to bring out the natural beauty of your eyes and let the world see how charming you are!


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