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All about makeup brushes!

The importance of brushes cant be ignored. You just need the right one rather than then hundreds of brushes. These tools provide accuracy long lasting results and are more hygienic. So, don’t blow the budget but build a right...
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Dark Circles Remedies

Dark circles, one of the common skin problems. Dark circles make a person look older than his/her age. If you are among those, who think that dark circles are a big hurdle in their beauty, then stop worrying. Here are remedies ...
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under remedies

Dark Underarm Remedies

Know the causes behind this problem and use these easy remedies for dark under arms and get rid of embarrassment....
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back acne1

Back Acne Remedies

Blocked skin pores lead to back acne on back, upper arms and the buttocks.Excess oil or sebum causes clogged or blocked pores.....
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How to trim your eyebrows at home?

The eyes are said to be the doorway to your soul and your eye brows are the door frame! Your eyebrows are one of the first things a person will notice when looking at you so it seems wise to get them right. The first thing you ...
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