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April 23rd, 2019

Teenage Sex Knowledge

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How to and when to give sex knowledge to kids is an issue that worries many parents. No doubt parents are the safest medium from where teenagers can get right sex education. Parents should be more friendly with their teenage kids to give them the right guidance.

Its parent’s important responsibility to guide their teenagers about sex. They should keep away any psychological barrier in this matter. They should talk to them openly before they reach puberty. They should explain their kids the process of reproduction and what sex is? Parents should talk to their teenagers about male female interactions and emotional relations.

The parents should themselves be clear as to how much the teenage kids should know about sex. They should explain that sex is actually a skill which can’t be perfected at one go; one needs experience nd patience to actually get the pleasure out of it. Sex is something that requires a mature body and mind and therefore one need to wait until to become physically and mentally mature to have sex.

Parents should make their teenagers aware about the dangers of getting infected by sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and also the risk of premature pregnancies and the complications that can arise out of one.

Therefore it is a moral duty of the parents to impart all necessary knowledge and information to their teenagers about sex and its importance in life. This only can save them from wrong notions and disastrous results.


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