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February 24th, 2019

This Summer Wear Trendy Kaftan

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Fashion trends keep changing everywhere. This summer instead of fitted shalwar kameez, trendy kaftans are in.  These trendy and elegant kaftan not only give you a smart look but also takes away the eyes from your waist line.

Kaftan is a comfortable and elegant dress. Whether it is in full length or can be shortened to the hip size, it gives you an elegant look. Kaftan were originated as men dress in 14th century in Persia.  These were adopted by ladies in 60s and 70s. But these are back in style with variations. You can wear them in parties, at dinners and in house.

Kaftan can be stitched at home. The key things to look for when buying kaftans is the fabric, how comfortable it is and it should be cut well.

Depending on the length of the kaftan, you can accessorize it. You can wear loose pants with short kaftan

The kaftan’s popularity is due to its versatility and it suits all age groups and body-shapes. It is one of the ever green dress style.


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