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July 16th, 2019

Ways To Be A Happy Couple

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Do you and your partner need to tone down and shape up? These weight loss tips are especially geared for couples, and they will help you get to know your partner in a whole new way.

Don’t clean your plate just because your partner does:

Studies have shown that when we’re with other people, we eat more. Wives to stay slim don’t eat as much as your husband does. If you let him serve your plate, he heaps on way more than you would normally eat, and if you don’t watch for the moment when you each ‘full’ (which happens if you’re watching TV while eating), you will eat way more than you need.

Pack lunch for each other:

An effective way to lose weight as a couple is to put notes and encouragements in each other’s lunches. Pack your partner’s lunch full of healthy, delicious, satisfying foods.

Do different types of exercises together:

Do yoga, pilates, strength training and kick boxing together to burn fat with your spouse. Bring variety in your exercises, the more excited you’ll be to exercise, the more weight you’ll lose.

Don’t go on diet:

Researches shown that diets don’t work because they deprive people of delicious food and increase the chances of a binge later. Also most diets are not sustainable. Instead adopt healthy diet habits, add fresh fruits and vegetables in your food. Say no to canned food and white food products.

Acne Scars:

Acne scars….a fear for females. It has been seen that acne scars increase more after delivery. Here are some remedies to fight with acne scars.

Wash your face at least twice a day and avoid using towel to dry the face. Don’t squeeze the pimples as it aggravates and its also painful. Take brown rice daily to get good quantity of amino acids. Amino acids are good for skin blemishes. Eat fresh fruits, tomato-cucumber salad with virgin olive oil and fresh fish to get rid of acne. Also drink a lot of water.

Mash strawberries and mix with distilled white vinegar. Apply this on face before going to bed. Wash with water in morning. It acts as astringent and will show amazing results.


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