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April 23rd, 2019

Wedding Photography Tips

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Your attitude is an essential thing that will help you have beautiful photos. Just relax on your wedding, stress and poor planning can ruin your photos. Make sure the photographer you hire is someone whose work, style, and personality you connect with. Not many realize that they will spend more time with the photographer on their wedding than almost any other single person. It’s essential that you get along with your photographer, since that will definitely affect the photos.

The time of day, season, and location will have an enormous impact on your photos. Be sure to consult with your photographer and make sure you create a wedding day schedule that will allow you to take advantage of the best light of the day. The best light for photos is usually around sunrise and sunset, which photographers like to call “magic light.” Also keep in mind the climate – posing indoors could make for better pictures than outside, if it’s 100 degrees outside.

Do a trial run with your hair and makeup and have photos taken to make sure you’re happy with your appearance. Check out your makeup both in natural light and indoors to be sure it’s not too heavy. I cannot stress enough how important it is to make sure your makeup looks light, clean and natural. Even though your wedding is a very special day, keep in mind that you still want to look like you.


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