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January 16th, 2019

Winter Home Décor

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Its time to warm up your home with cozy winter home décor. Changing home décor with season is a great charm and fun. Just add a few items and give your home a new look. Survive the winter blues with minor tweaks in your home décor. Here are some tips to give your home décor a cozy warmth look.

Bring warmer atmosphere in your home by using warm cozy colors like the color of fire(orange, gold and red etc). Use heavy fabrics like velvet of warm colors to add on more warmth and soft look to your home. Multiple fur and velvet cushions add cozy feeling in room.

Welcome winters by adding bonfire in a corner. Fire color looks add romance in the air and give warmth feelings.

Wooden lampshades, scented candles and handmade paintings will do wonders. Add rugs to cover the freezing floor and make your movement easy. Ensure closeness in terms of furnishings for a cozier feel.

Kids room can be decorated with lots of stuff toys. Toy theme would work well for kids room. Hang on more of colorful posters and paintings. Check out heavy blankets and quilts in bright colors that are soft in touch but warm in feel.

Give your home a makeover this winter and see its amazing effects.


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