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June 26th, 2019

Winter Itch

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Winters are in. Cold weather brings havoc for those who suffer from winter itch. Skin becomes flaky and dry and warm clothes lead to itching commonly called as “winter itch”. Absence of humidity leads to dry skin and this dryness causes itching. All of us suffer itching time to time in our life but, if it get worsen we should consult a dermatologist.

Mag4style suggests you some tips to avoid “winter itch”.

  • Moisturize your skin as much as you can in cold weather. Use oil based moisturizer.
  • Try to take short bath in cold weather, avoid too much hot water and perfumed soaps for taking shower. Use non detergent cleanser to avoid itching.
  • Limit too much cleansing in cold weather as it removes the skin natural moisture.
  • Use petroleum based balm on your lips.
  • Massage oil on your body to keep the skin soft and itching free.
  • Avoid too much use of woolen and warm stuff as it causes itching. If then use cotton or linen pants or shirts under the warm woolen stuff to prevent itching.
  • Eat dry nuts full of fatty acids like almond, walnut and peanuts to prevent winter itching.
  • See your dermatologist if you have persistent itching and dry flaky skin.

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