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June 26th, 2019

World’s Beauty Secrets

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Every country and culture has old-age secret to keeping their women beautiful. Here some of the world’s beauty secrets.

At the beach, it’s common to see Brazilian women, known to be some of the most beautiful women in the world, rubbing handfuls of sand on their bodies. Why? It helps with cellulite and smoothes and stimulates the skin. In fact, Lush, a company out of England that makes fresh, handmade cosmetics, just came out with a body bar that contains sand and hydration to help smooth the skin and break up the cellulite and boost sluggish circulation.


We all know the benefits of green tea. In China, white tea keeps the secret of eternal youth! White tea is made from the silver tips of the green tea plant. Harvested over a four-day period, the plant houses all the antioxidants in the tip. It acts as an environmental shield that the free radicals can’t penetrate. Recently, a few skin care lines have realized the benefits of white tea and actually incorporated it in their products.

Take one teaspoon almond oil and mix with one cup of green tea. Use the mixture as a hair rinse after bathing to have really shiny hair.

In India, coconut oil is the trick to getting full, thick, shiny hair. It’s also great to help strengthen thinning hair. The women in India do a hot oil scalp massage once a week. Heat some up in a bowl and give yourself a scalp massage once a week. Sleep with it on and wash in the morning! It will help seal the cuticle and rid those split ends not to mention making your hair thick and healthy. The Body Shop has come out with a line of coconut oil based products.


The Apennines beauties are following strongly the guides given to them by their mothers and grand mothers. The secret of non breaking lashes is kept in the oil of the olive. To protect yours too, grab a small swab soaked with the oil and put it on your eyes with slight moves. This procedure has to be performed before sleep and gives you the perfect

The secret of the Japanese geisha and their smooth, flawless skin is camellia oil. White camellia nut oil, used for centuries in Asia, contributes moisturizing, conditioning, nourishing and softening benefits to the skin. Camellia oil gives the skin a texture and glow unmatched by any other skin care product. There are special formulations for helping to eliminate wrinkles after giving birth, revitalizing hair growth, and treating burns. It helps to restructure the skin and strengthen nails. It is one of the most rapidly absorbed oils making it an excellent choice as facial oil.
Scandinavian women know that beautiful skin is easy to achieve. They simply drink at least 1.5 liters of pure spring water every day and splash their faces 15-20 times twice a day with ice-cold spring mineral water. This encourages the skin’s own natural functions, so it regulates itself without the aid of expensive exfoliating and rejuvenating lotions. The ice-cold water also helps to reduce puffiness as well.


Greek girls go to the beach and daub their bodies with baby milk for body. This helps them to exfoliate their skin only with the sand on the ground. To complete this absolutely Eco procedure they rinse their body directly in the ocean. And do not forget to cover your skin with sun care product before lay on the sand.


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